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A2A2 Cream Top Whole Milk - Glass 1/2 Gln


Great whole cream top, non-homogenized, milk with no A1 proteins only A2 proteins that could help reduce your stomach's sensitivity to milk! Non- homogenized milk also has a naturally sweeter and richer flavor than homogenized milk because whole cream has a silky texture that is lost when the fat globules are broken apart!

Cream line milk is not homogenized. Homogenization is a mechanical process that transforms the two separate components of whole fresh milk, cream and low-fat milk, into one smooth beverage. To accomplish this, fresh milk is heated and pumped through tiny nozzles at high pressure. The pressure tears the fat globules of the cream into tiny particles, which then disperse evenly throughout the low-fat milk thus becoming homogenized. Non-homogenized milk does not go through this process, leaving a delicious cream top for you to enjoy! 

Because most of us have been raised on homogenized milk, we may not know what to expect when we buy our first bottle of non-homogenized milk. After it sits for 12-24 hours, fresh non-homogenized milk separates with a small layer of light, high-fat cream “cream top” and a much larger lower layer of low-fat milk. Over time, the cream becomes thicker, and after a few days it may nearly solidify into a cream “plug.” This is a natural occurrence in non-homogenized milk. When you shake the bottle the plug will loosen and break up into the milk, although many folks like to spoon it out for their coffee or to eat it on their cereal as a special treat. Simply shaking the bottle creates a more homogenized milk for drinking. 

Most milk that you purchase in a store contains both the A1 and A2 beta-casein, but research studies have shown evidence that our bodies may digest the two types of protein differently. Studies have shown that people who have experienced adverse gastrointestinal reactions to milk consumption that resemble lactose intolerance were able to drink milk with two A2 proteins with no adverse reactions.

Milk with A2 only proteins isn't made differently from regular milk. It doesn't change the pasteurization process, nor does it rely on additives to change the milk - it's simply milk that comes from cows that naturally have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. The best part? It doesn't change the flavor either!

Ingredients List: Pasteurized A2A2 milk

Clover Meadows Family Farm

Our small family farm is located within the beautiful rolling meadows of Marathon County, Wisconsin, just east of Athens. We manage and care for a small herd of dairy cattle that are A1 beta-casein free. This helps our family to focus on creating quality milk products for our customer friends. Our family works together in this endeavor.

Our cows are 100% naturally grassfed (No certification). They graze green pasture during the growing season and quality grass hay through the winter. All of our feed is biodynamic.

Good husbandry is a priority for us. Our cattle are always given access to the outdoors and shelter, if needed. We respectfully care for them in a humane way with the “Golden Rule for Cows” in mind. “Do unto cows as you would have others do unto you, if you were a cow.” We do not give our cattle any antibiotics or synthetic hormones. They maintain good health with nutritious food, fresh air and sunshine, and natural herbal treatments, if necessary.

A1 Beta-Casein Free

All cattle consist of genetic properties that determine the type of beta-casein protein they produce in their milk. Most modern dairy cows in America produce A1 beta-casein proteins. The original milk protein is called A2 and found mostly in heritage breeds. Scientists have determined that A1 beta casein, at position 67, can break down in our stomachs to produce a casamorphin called BCM7. This is a powerful opioid with narcotic properties. Scientists have linked A1 beta casein in milk to heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, schizophrenia, some milk intolerance and autoimmune diseases. A2 beta-casein proteins have been determined to not produce BCM7. Because of this, New Zealand now requires all commercial bulls used for breeding to be A2. Our cows have all been genetically tested by a certified lab and confirmed that they only produce A2 beta-casein proteins in their milk.

100% Naturally Grass-fed

Our family cows are 100% grass-fed which means no grains such as corn, or soybeans.  People everywhere are becoming aware of the benefits of grass-fed meats and airy products. Scientists have concluded that whole milk from 100% grass-fed cows is significantly higher in vitamins A, D and K2 beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids (the healthy fat). Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found to be up to five times higher. Studies have shown these to have anti-cancer effects and many other health benefits. Confinement cows and even pastured cows, when fed grain have these benefits reduced. By combining fresh air and sunshine with the quality grass our cattle graze, you can enjoy our healthy, nutritious milk products.


All of the feed for our cattle is produce in a natural sustainable way. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides on our grasses. This has been certified by an independent lab. We also do not use GMO seed for our pastures and hay. Natural fertilizers, such as ground fish, are used to produce healthy plant growth. This is the same way Squanto taught the Pilgrims in the colonial days. With biodynamic grass farming and natural animal care, our milk should be free of any harmful chemicals.

Low-Heat Pasteurization

Most diary plants flash-pasteurize their milk with high temperatures. Many milk companies, even organic ones, ultra-pasteurize their milk to 280 degrees F. This creates a tremendous shelf life, but seems to destroy much of the good in the milk. We use old-fashioned methods of low-temperature batch pasteurization so that we can sell you milk that is fresh, real and clean possible.  Additionally, our milk is pasteurized and bottled right on the farm soon after it is produced. We work hard to implement clean and sanitary practices throughout our farm and bottling facility. Clean, fresh, natural – what more could you want?

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