Ordering Information

All ordering is done online at www.farmersbestdelivery.com.  You must first create an account through Sign-up.  Once you have an account set up with us you will be able to login and place your order using your userID and password.  The general ordering windows:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday route customers will need to have orders placed by Sunday evening 7pm.
  • Thursday and Friday route customers will need to have orders placed by Tuesday evening 7pm.
  • Some items have more restrictive cut off times different from the general cut off time and those times are noted on the items themselves.  
  • Customers can always email last minute order reduction changes up to 7pm the night prior to delivery to info@farmersbestdelivery.com.

Important Note: Unlike most e-commerce online ordering systems, there is not a check out button with our system.  Thus, if an item is added to the cart prior to the cut-off, it will be delivered and invoiced if it is not removed prior to cut-off.  
We do not have minimum order requirements.  Our delivery fees are structured to accommodate any size order.
You can see your upcoming orders by logging in, and using the drop down to go to "Upcoming Orders".  Dates go out 4 weeks at a time.
A recurring orders are items setup in your My Recurring Items that you set up to be delivered on a regular periodic bases either weekly, every other week, or once a month.  When you add products to your order, you are given the option of adding those products for your Next Delivery only or as a Recurring Order item. 


Delivery Information

We offer two basic delivery options for delivered items:

  • Your garage refrigerator/freezer - We will place product in your garage refrigerator/freezer provided we can gain access either by leaving a service door unlocked or providing us with your door opening code.  This option will eliminate any worries with maintaining product temperature.  With this option we request you have a lidded bin or other container to place items that do not require refrigeration or freezer.

  • A milk box or cooler - We will place product outside your home into either a milk box available for purchase through us or a high quality cooler supplied by you.  Milk Boxes hold up to six bottles of milk or juice with some additional room on top of the bottles for a few smaller items like a dozen eggs, 1lb butter, and 1lb coffee.  A high quality cooler that is in good shape, can close properly and hold a temperature and work best for medium and large orders.  We strongly recommend placing milk boxes and coolers in shaded areas protected form the sun and placing either ice, frozen water bottles, or a few freezer packs into your milk box or cooler the morning of your delivery to assist in controlling the temperature during summer months.
We are always available to assist in selecting the best delivery method option.
The map on our Delivery Area page shows where we presently have delivery routes. If you are outside our present delivery area and would like to discuss how to get delivery, please contact us.  We are always looking to expand our service area, but economics require a certain number of customers in any geographic area to expand or create a new route.  We have worked with several of our present customers to market in their neighborhoods or community to expand our delivery service territory.  

We presently run routes Tuesday-Friday.  Our delivery folks start their routes around 6am.  Your delivery day and time will depend on you location and placement in the order of route stops.  Delivery will be consistent for your delivery time, but may vary slightly week to week given weather and other operational conditions and overtime may shift slightly due to customers added to your route.
There are two basic ways to due this.  Both start by logging into your account.

The first way is to go to My Shopping Cart and clicking on an order and hitting the Clear Order button below your order. You can then go back to the My Shopping Cart and see that your order has been cleared and No Delivery will show for that week.  Repeat this step for each delivery you want to cancel.

The second way is to go to Skip Deliveries and enter the beginning and ending dates of your vacation and clicking Save Away/Vacation Dates. Again, you can then go back to the My Shopping Cart and see that your orders have been cleared and No Delivery will show for the weeks your will be away.

Nope. You do not need to be home or answer the door to receive deliveries.  We will deliver your order according to you delivery notes that tell our delivery folks where to place your order.  Once your delivery has been made, it is our customers responsibility to take care of their food items to maintain food integrity.

We have a tiered delivery fee structure. 

Our delivery fees are:

  • Our delivery fees are:

    • $4.50 for orders under $15 
    • $3.00 for orders between $15 and $29.99
    • $1.50 for orders between $30 and $44.99
    • FREE for deliveries $45 and above

    Stop No Drop Fees:

    • $7.50 Fee for any deliveries attempted but not made for the following reasons:
      • Customer cancelling delivery at time of delivery
      • Customer not providing proper access to delivery spot or providing proper container for delivery as agreed and contained in delivery notes
      • Keep-in Customers that take no order for the week (Note: This is a legacy service that is no longer offered)
There is a $1.50 bottle deposit fee for each glass bottled of milk and juice ordered that will be credited back when the bottle is returned to Farmers Best Home Delivery.


Product Information

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a movement started in the 1980s to provide a way for community members to buy local, seasonal food directly from a local farm(s) providing many benefits.  The basic CSA format is fairly simple; the farm(s) offers “shares” of what it produces to a limited number of CSA share customers every year in different sizes and formats at set prices.  CSA customers know exactly how, where, and by whom their fresh, high quality produce, herbs, meats, and eggs are produced.  They, also, have the opportunity to form relationships with the farm and to gain a sense of ownership in how their food is being produced. CSA members support their local economy by placing their food dollar directly in the hands of a local farm family they know.  Farmers benefit by having a more secure market commitment allowing them to focus even more on quality production and less on sales and marketing.  It is a win win for all!

Freshness is very important to product quality, thus it is very important to us and our producer partners.  The shorter the time spam from harvest or production to your table the higher the nutrient density and the better the flavor.  Most of our product partners have strict requirements how long we can hold a product before it must be delivered.  As examples, our breads are baked 1-2 days before delivery, coffees roasted within 2-4 days days before delivery, and produce is generally harvest 1-3 days before deliver.  This compared to grocery store products that can be on shelves for several weeks or longer and produce that often takes 7-10 days just to get from the farm to the store.

The majority of the farms and product partners we work with strive to be as environmentally sound as possible and to produce the cleanest food as possible.  Our produce farms all follow organic practices with over 80% of our produce being certified organic. All of our beef is 100% grass fed on organic pastures but processed through local butchers that may not be certified organic due to cost.  We do however also source from farmers who utilize organic growing practices, but are not certified, as this is often restrictive and cost prohibitive for the small farmer. Each product will be noted with the growing practice and source. To maintain transparency, items labeled organic are from farms certified by the USDA. Organically grown are items from farms that are not certified by utilizing organic growing practices.
The standards for the products we deliver to your home are very high.  Our focus is on great tasting, health, nutrient dense foods to help you, your family, and our community to thrive.  We are focused on ensuring our producer partners are providing products that use local ingredients, produced organically or as chemical and hormone free as possible, no artificial preservatives, and follow humane animal and sound environmental practices.  We also believe in transparency so our customers can see for themselves how our products are produced through our producer pages and links to producer websites and Facebook pages.  All of our producer partners are willing to talk with you and show you how they do what they do.  They are smaller scale producers who focus on high quality and are excited to discuss with you about what they do and how they to it.
Our definition of local is 60 miles or less from production to table.  We are always striving to source as local as possible and our transparency commitment will allow you to judge how local a product is.  We hope to grow to serve the 17 counties of NE Wisconsin through several hubs always looking to source products with the same definition of local.


Account Information

Orders are reconciled at the end of each week and credit cards are charged are that time.

Go to Login and click the link to Forgot Your Password. An email will be sent with instructions to reset.

We only accept credit card payments at this time.  We are working on ACH option and hope to have that rolled out in the near future.  


“Farmers Best Delivery makes always having milk and eggs so much easier! The products are very fresh and taste so much better!!”

- Diane Giese

“Farmer's Best is great!! Their products are always fresh, delivery is reliable and everyone we have come in contact with is very friendly and helpful. They offer much more than milk delivery. It feels good to buy such quality products locally.”

- Paul & Lisa Kardish

“Excellent service & product. A great small company offering an old-time service. Locally sourced offerings are always excellent!”

- James Benton

“Friendly, consistent, high quality products and services or family feels awesome about!”

- Ruth Homrighaus

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