Voyageurs Sourdough, LLC

About Us


Ben & Kevin are passionate Sourdough bakers specializing in the art of wild fermentation. Years of experimenting at home and a wild yeast hand-me-down from Ben’s Father led to our signature sourdough starter.  After successfully selling at local farmer’s market’s and an ever-expanding following for their Sourdough, Ben & Kevin launched Voyageurs Sourdough in Green Bay in 2018.


There is a need in our community to have access to healthy, delicious bread, handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients. We also have a need in Green Bay for building community and bringing people together to share, learn, and grow. We want to provide a conduit that will contribute to both.


Our mission is to bring communities together through local food care, curiosity, and creativity. We believe food created with care and enjoyed with good company is just as essential to health as any specific nutrient, and that curiosity around the table is a key to growth and learning. We are also committed to developing a supply chain that is sustainable and contributes to local economic development and celebrates our unique local food identity through collaboration with local farmers.


About Our Sourdough Bread


Our sourdough bread is made using either organic flour or flour made from sustainable farming practices mostly sourced locally from farms in the N.E. Wisconsin area.  Each sourdough loaf 

requires careful artisanship over a 2-day period.   We only use flour, water, salt and wild fermented for 24+ hours which creates a wonderfully delicious bread that is packed full of nutrients.  No additives, no commercial yeast, sugars or any of the ingredients you find in store-bought bread are added.


Loaves are quite large approximately 1.7lbs.  They will keep well for 4 to 5 days on your counter covered in a plastic or paper bag, or better yet a bread bin if you have one. It is also possible to freeze the loaf (or half) for up to a month, just defrost and warm until crispy in the oven.


We love to hear from you and welcome any feedback as we try our best to serve the community with REAL BREAD!



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