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by Clario Farmstead Pasta

Algoma, WI

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Clario Farms is an old-fashioned producer, implementing only sustainable, responsible and healthy methods that yield the healthy, fresh produce that people are looking for these days. They use only organic practices, although they are not certified organic. Clario Farms will not grow produce manipulated with GMOs.

Clario Family

They also raise a small number of beef, lamb, pork, chickens and turkeys with organic, free range and pastured practices for use in their pasta. They are continually striving to improve their methods to bring soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks. Their young and growing farm has been in business for eight years.

Pasta Products

Kale and Black Pepper Fettuccine

Raw Kale

Fresh Kaleand Black Pepper Fettuccine has a full-bodied flavor that stands alone with a quality olive oil and hard cheese. It also pairs perfectly with pesto, hearty red marinara or a cream sauce. Easily the most versatile of our vegetable pasta flavors.

Carrot and Turmeric Fettuccine

Carrot Raw

Fresh Carrot and Turmeric Fettuccine has a unique and delicate flavor that is great with simply butter or olive oil with a hard cheese like romano. It also works well with a cream sauce, and especially a sage brown butter sauce. It lends itself to great fusion cooking using middle eastern or asian influences as well.

It pairs very well with seafood, poultry, fish or lamb.


Clario Farms

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