Fast Facts


Farmer’s Best milk is locally produced and processed.

Six local farmers produce our milk and a single area dairy processes it - Lamers Dairy of Appleton.  Lamers Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy that has been serving Northeast Wisconsin for over 100 years.  That’s why we chose Lamers Dairy as our milk production partner.


Our milk won FIRST PLACE at the 2013 World Dairy Expo!

Lamers Dairy has been providing world class milk for over 100 years, and now they have the international recognition and award to prove it. In August 2013, their Dairyland’s Best 2% glass bottle milk won first place at the World Dairy Expo and their 1% chocolate glass bottle milk took second place. This is a tremendous honor for both Lamers Dairy and Farmer’s Best Home Delivery.


We only supply 100% rBGH free milk. 

Farmer’s Best never puts profit ahead of your family’s well-being. If your milk does not say ”rGBH Free” it’s possible that it was produced through this forced milk production hormone.  While mega-farms may use these questionable methods, it is not a part of the production philosophy of our local farmers.


Most milk is NOT from Wisconsin. 

While we are “America’s Dairyland” most of the milk produced in Wisconsin goes to cheese production – not to your glass of milk.  Just because a dairy company is located in Wisconsin, does not mean the milk COMES from Wisconsin farmers.  Our partner, Lamers Dairy, sources its milk from a select number of farms within 20 miles of its Appleton facility.


Farmer’s Best can save you money.

On average, grocery store consumers spend $8 on impulse purchases every visit. Our home delivery service eliminates some of those unnecessary items that routinely run up your grocery bill. By having your routine food staples delivered, those unnecessary purchases can be eliminated.


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