Why Buy Local


Buying local simply means buying food which is grown or sourced as close to your home as possible.  Because of industrialization, our food supply is now grown and processed in fewer and fewer locations.  This results in food having to travel further to reach your refrigerator.  Although considered efficient and profitable for large agribusiness corporations, this method of production negatively impacts the environment, our local economy, and food quality.


Buying local creates several positive impacts.  First, greenhouse emissions are reduced because food does not have to travel as far to get to you.  Second, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping one more Northeast Wisconsin farming family stay in business. Third, you receive the peace of mind of knowing the source of your family’s food. Finally, products are fresher.  For example, our milk can make it from the farm to your door in as little as two days.  This level of freshness is almost impossible to achieve without a farm-to-home service like Farmer’s Best Home Delivery.     


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