Frequently Asked Questions



Why bring back the Milkman?

The “Milkman method” allows us to provide your family with the freshest, highest quality glass-bottle milk and farm fresh items in a way that fits your busy lifestyle. 


Why does your express delivery time matter?

Freshness is key to milk’s quality.  The taste and internal properties of milk begin to change as it ages.  That’s why the time between production and consumption at your home is so critical. 


Are these products and this delivery service really expensive?

Locally produced items are sometimes more expensive than those produced by out-of-state mega-farms.  However, the impact and value of supporting your local farmers and receiving premium quality food for your family is worth it.  And, for a $1.50 delivery charge (minimum orders of $10.00 or more), we hope you consider it a fair price for the benefit you are providing your family and our local farmers.


Is there a difference between glass bottle milk and plastic jug milk?

Yes! Glass bottles keep milk fresher tasting and eliminate the possibility of plastic aftertaste in your family’s milk.


Do you offer other products besides glass bottle milk?

Yes!  We offer farm fresh eggs, butter, award winning cheeses, locally roasted coffee, made from scratch locally baked bread, and a series of seasonal farmer specials.


How do I order and how do I pay?

Both are done on-line through this website.  You have your choice of payment by debit card or credit card. 


If I place a delivery order today, when will it show up on my debit or credit card?

Your debit or credit card will reflect your purchase a couple of days after your delivery arrives at your home.  Please note that a few Farmer’s Specials require pre-purchase of the product.  These limited specialty items will be clearly marked as requiring this pre-purchase arrangement.


How do I know my debit/credit card information is secure on your website?

Your privacy and payment security is incredibly important to us.  For this reason, we have invested in a secure credit card processing system through Sage Payment Solutions.  As a PCI-SSC compliant service provider, Sage Payment Solutions ensures our customer’s credit card information is safe, secure and properly handled during the billing process.


How do you deliver it to my house? 

Your milkman delivers all products in his refrigerated milk truck. We keep everything cold and leave it with you in an old-fashioned insulated dairy porch box, a cooler, or your garage refrigerator. 


What do I do with my empty glass bottles?

You will quickly discover that milk tastes great out of environmentally friendly glass bottles.  Glass bottles are reused and therefore need to be returned.  You will be charged a $1.50 deposit on your invoice and we will issue a $1.50 credit for all returned bottles.  Please leave the empty bottles by your cooler, refrigerator, or porch box and your Milkman will pick them up each delivery.





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