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As you will notice, there are five additional buttons appearing on your computer screen – Shop, My Shopping Cart, My Recurring Items, Skip Deliveries, and Account Options.
Below is a brief description of each of their functions:
Shop allows you to browse our products and select a quantity and delivery interval of weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time for each product.  Make sure to check out the Product Categories on the left side to see all of the great products we offer!  Please note that orders of $10 or more will receive a $1.50 charge per delivery.  Orders below $10 will receive a $2.75 charge per delivery.  Additionally, all glass bottles will have a $1.50 deposit
applied to your invoice; simply return the bottles and we will apply a credit to your next invoice.
My Shopping Cart provides a summary of the products you have selected for purchase, as well as your delivery date and a cut-off time for order adjustments or cancellations. Click on your first delivery to review order detail or print your invoice for your records.  Please be aware that items in the Shopping Cart are considered a confirmed order and will be delivered unless removed prior to the order cut-off time.
My Recurring Items is a convenient listing of the products you have scheduled to receive on a recurring basis and provides a summary of costs for your recurring items.
Skip Delivery offers you a method to stop deliveries for a period of time.  This is a very helpful tool if you will be away from home or wish to take
a break from your regular delivery schedule.

Account Options provides an easy way to review invoices, your order history as well as your account balances. You can also sign up for or

remove delivery reminder e-mails through this section.





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