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Beef, Pork, Lamb & Poultry

by Sandy Brook Farm

Suamico, WI

Beef Grass Fed

Jason and Lisa Campbell are the owners of Sandy Brook Farm in Suamico, WI. Sandy Brook Farm was established in 2013, currently operating 340 non-contiguous acres with a beef herd of Red Devon and Belted Galloway, a flock of Katahdin sheep, and three breeds of swine (Tamworth, Red Wattle, and Large Black) as well as poultry.


Though they have chosen not to have their animals certified organic, they actively practice these methods and feed their pigs and chickens certified organic grains.  Their beef and lamb are grass-raised and grass-finished, never consuming grain.  Their hogs and chickens are always pastured and are fed a supplementary ration daily.

Their animals are never given hormones or fed GMOs and don’t apply herbicides, fungicides or pesticides on our land.


They are a small family farm practicing restoration agriculture by reducing tillage, promoting biodiversity and focusing on sustainability from the ground up.  They take pride in raising their animals in a humane, stress-free environment.


Sandy Brook Farm

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