How it works


Thank you for choosing Farmer’s Best Home Delivery! 


Below is the step-by-step process to begin and manage your delivery service.   Of course, if you have any questions or need assistance, please e-mail or call us.  We are here to help! 


Clario 3 Products1.  Create an account

Click “New Customer Sign Up” to begin the process and enter your delivery and payment data into our secure website.  For your convenience and our environment’s benefit, we offer electronic payment options by debit or credit card.

Lamers Milk Delivery


2.  Place your order

Click “Shop our Products” on the top navigation bar or click on any of the Featured Products buttons located on the lower right side of the home page.  Then, begin selecting items for your home delivery order. Once items are selected, each product is automatically added to your first order. For each product you can select 'One Time Order' or 'Recurring Order'.  If you select 'Recurring Order' you will continue receiving this product at the delivery interval of your choice.  You can easily change, delay or cancel your order prior to your order cut-off time.  


CSA Vegetables3.  Prepare for your delivery

During the sign-up process, you are provided several delivery placement options for your food order.  These options include:

  • Your cooler on the porch
  • Your cooler in the garage
  • Your refrigerator in the garage
  • An old-fashioned insulated dairy porch box ($65 one-time charge)


Upon delivery of your first order, we will place your milk and food in the container of your choice.  Please leave your empty glass bottles out for your next delivery and we will credit your account for the deposit.


4.  Enjoy your service!   

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